Check Out Overwatch’s Cool New Legendary Hanzo Skin

In the lead up to releasing new cosmetic items for Overwatch , Blizzard has been teasing some of the skins that will be available from January 23. The latest of these pre-release previews is the Kabuki Hanzo legendary skin, which gives the archer a Kumadori makeover and a sweet futuristic-looking bow.

Prior to showing off the Kabuki Hanzo skin, Blizzard revealed a Capoeira Lucio outfit, which gives a casual look to everyone’s favourite healing DJ, and Asp Pharrah, which outfits the rocket-queen with a suit that reflects her Egyptian ancestry.

Blizzard has said it plans to continue revealing new items each day until the update arrives on Tuesday, January 23. Along with the new cosmetics being released, the update will also likely make changes to loot boxes, as previously indicated by game director Jeff Kaplan teased. Standard loot boxes have a “ton of new content” added to them, so you’ll be able to unlock things at your leisure, rather than through time-limited event loot boxes.

In addition to the new cosmetics, Blizzard previously confirmed that Blizzardworld, the next big map for Overwatch, will arrive on January 23.

Finally, the Lunar New Year event, the Year of the Dog, is also coming in the near future. This year will also see the return of the Uprising event with some changes, and new characters are also on the way, although no time table was set for when we might see those.