How The Rampage Movie Aims To Avoid The “Video Game Curse”

Video game movies have a track record of mediocrity or worse. While there are some good ones, video game movies, most would probably agree, are generally not very good. One of the next big video game movies coming out is Rampage, which is based on the ’80s game of the same name. In an interview with IGN, director Brad Peyton (San Andreas) talked about how his new film might break the so-called “video game curse” for movie adaptations.

He started off by claiming he was not even aware of the reputation video game movies had until shooting wrapped up on Rampage. Rampage could succeed where others have struggled because many viewers don’t have much of a connection with the game because it was relatively obscure. As such, people don’t know all that much about its characters or story, which can be a good thing, Peyton said.

“A lot of times, [studios] attempt to adapt games that have massive followings. … When you attempt to adapt something that has an incredibly deep plotline or character or something along those lines, you’re beholden to delivering something,” he explained. “And it’s really a difficult challenge because as a gamer, I know, I play as the hero. That’s an immersive medium, and so, it’s really hard to go up against something that pre-exists.”

Also in the interview, Peyton said another goal for Rampage is for it to be fun in nature while also making sure the monsters are scary. He also hopes it comes across as constantly unpredictable and entertaining. “I think the most entertaining stuff is the stuff that, you just cannot see what’s going to come next,” he said.

You can read the full interview here at IGN.

Rampage follows primatologist Davis Okoye, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as he attempts to save his best friend, a silverback gorilla named George, who has mutated into a gigantic creature capable of tearing down buildings. George isn’t the only mutant, though. There’s also a massive wolf and a giant lizard.

Rampage also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is essentially just playing his The Walking Dead role of Negan here, Malin Ackerman (Watchmen), and Naomie Harris (Moonlight). It hits theaters on April 20, 2018. You can watch the newest trailer through the embed above.

Before Rampage will be the newest Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft; that film hits theatres in March.