#MyOneScienceTweet makes Twitter seem like a smarter place

Science lovers of the world are getting a fabulous dose of social media this week as #MyOneScienceTweet trends on Twitter.

Thanks to the magic and wizardry of the internet, scientists are able to somehow send us messages by displaying colors and words on our screens — and we get to learn a few things in the process.

PhD candidate Dalton Ludwick last Thursday asked scientists in the Twitter community to weigh in with tweets describing what they did for a living.

Things took a delightful turn when, rather than simply trying to condense their respective fields down to a tweet-able statement, hundreds took to the platform to report the one science-related thing they want people to know.

The resulting statements paint a beautiful menagerie of knowledge and wisdom, and shine a light on what scientists – and science enthusiasts – think about the world at large.

Some tweeters used the hashtag to speak out on controversial issues:

Others reminded us how wonderful our species and the world we live in truly are:

And some we just couldn’t help but smile at:

Any opportunity to spread some good ole’ fashioned rational thought is a great thing, and it’s nice to know that there’s more positive statements to retweet than political discourse and Stranger Things spoilers.

What’s your #MyOneScienceTweet?


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