Overwatch’s New Epic Skins Revealed, Get Your First Look Here

Two more days remain in the countdown to Overwatch‘s big cosmetics update. Today’s reveal was all about epic skins, not for just one character, but five.

McCree, Reaper, Junk Rat, Symmetra, and Zenyatta are all in line for new loot box grabs. These skins aren’t part of a larger set, but are individualized; skin names were not revealed. You can take a peek at all of them in the tweet below.

McCree’s forthcoming skin features a blue and gold overhaul with a prominent gold skull on his cape. Reaper’s skin is taking a rather demonic turn with a bright red and orange themed hellion look. Junkrat’s is just as explosive and flamboyant as you could expect it to be, featuring hazard lines on his peg leg and bombs. Symmetra’s new look isn’t too far off of her original design, but instead of white and light blue, she’s sporting deeper jewel tones and black. Zenyatta’s zen appeal is making a 360 with a black and lime green high-tech inspired skin.

Earlier this week, the Overwatch team revealed new illustrative emotes for every character, and legendary skins for Pharah, Lucio, and Hanzo. The countdown will continue with more reveals until the cosmetics update on January 23.