Aston Martin CEO Hints at a Big Geneva Motor Show Surprise

Perhaps a mid-engine sports car or production DBX crossover?

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The Geneva Motor Show begins next week, and so far, it looks like it’s shaping up to be an interesting show. Among other things, we’ll see forbidden fruit like the 2018 Mazda6 wagon, some version of the new Toyota Supra, and the Ferrari 488 Pista. It also sounds like Aston Martin is planning the surprise reveal of something super secret.

In a press release outlining which cars Aston Martin will bring to the Geneva Motor Show, CEO Andy Palmer said, “It’s always a proud moment to see the fruits of the company’s efforts on show in one place, but this year’s Geneva Show promises to be extra special. Who knows, we may even have one or two surprises in store.”

If that had been an off-the-cuff comment made to a reporter, that would be one thing. But since Palmer was quoted in an official press release, it’s probably safe to assume Aston Martin actually does have “one or two surprises” planned. Otherwise, why include the quote?

Theoretically, Palmer could be talking about limited-edition color combinations or a presentation from a celebrity guest, but would those things truly make the show “extra special?” We don’t think so. Instead, we’re going to bet on seeing at least one if not two new cars.

Sketch of the production four-door DBX crossover

We can’t say for sure what those two cars will be, but we do know Aston Martin is developing both a mid-engine sports car and a production version of the DBX concept. Last we heard, the DBX will go on sale in late 2019, so that would make sense for Aston to at least show a production-ready concept fairly soon. The new 488-fighter would certainly be exciting, but we have a little more time before that one goes on sale in 2020. We also know two Lagonda sedans are in the works.

Without more information, there’s no way to tell which reveal is more likely. Palmer could also have been talking about something completely different. But when the Geneva Motor Show begins next week, keep an eye out for Aston’s secret surprises.

Source: Aston Martin