India getting a bezel-less, high-end BlackBerry phone

Evan Blass

  • A high-end, nearly bezel-less BlackBerry phone will be released sometime soon.
  • Most likely exclusive to India, no details other than the name and render at the top of this post are known.
  • This BlackBerry is not made by the same company that made the BlackBerry KeyOne and other BlackBerry devices of 2017.

Notorious smartphone leaker Evan Blass tweeted today that a new Indian BlackBerry smartphone called Ghost will release soon, to be made by neither Blackberry nor TCL. Bear with use.

The company that started BlackBerry doesn’t make BlackBerry phones anymore. It sold the rights to the BlackBerry brand to Chinese phone manufacturer TCL, but those rights don’t apply to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

In those countries, Indian telecommunications giant Optiemus owns the BlackBerry license. So the BlackBerry that released the KeyOne has nothing to do with the BlackBerry that is reportedly making the phone we’re talking about here.

From the photo (which appears to be a render, rather than an actual device) it appears the Ghost is nearly bezel-less and looks a lot like the OnePlus 5T. Since this image is all we have to go on right now, we have no idea what the specs, pricing, or release date might be. In fact, because the photo doesn’t show the phone powered on, it’s hard even to tell how bezel-less it really is.

This will most likely be the first BlackBerry device from Optiemus since its acquisition of the BlackBerry rights in 2017. Those of you in the four countries the phone will be available in: are you excited for a high-end BlackBerry?