PS5 Forecasted for 2020 Launch,PS4 Sales Will Likely Be Great In 2019 But Down From 2018:NPD Analyst

showtimefolks1d 19h ago

I don’t think this is much of a newsudden. We as plain know Sony will not and should not rush to release a ps5. Fall 2020 will be perfect time.

I also don’t see Sony ever crossing the $399 mark so temper your expectations

I think realistic:

Minimum 16GB ram(I expect closer to 20 because Xbox X launched in 2017 with 12GB)
12TF or more

We may think being more powerful may cost mode think of it from Sony and part makers point of views. Company’s like Sony, Ms and Nintendo buy in millions(quantity wise) so they do the get any near the office the shelf prices that we see

Also keep in mind ps5 will get to the market before next Xbox meaning they will have the market to themselves but they also have to make their console a bit future proof

With these mid generation upgrades both Sony and Ms have advantages and disadvantages(from business and market share point of view)

For example:

Ps5 will come to market first but ms can learn from launch of ps5 and make proper improvements.

Xbox launching 2nd means it will have to go against a console with a 10 plus million install base and possibly lower price