Reach maximum workplace productivity with these office hacks

According to a by , people worldwide spend an average of 45 hours a week working, but only consider about 17 hours productive. A survey by the company found that 93 percent of respondents of all ages consider productivity important to achieving ultimate happiness. 

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Since most agree that distractions and interruptions account for the most wasted time, and technology tools can help maximize your workplace productivity even if you can’t rely on peace and quiet.

We rounded up a few of the latest tech products that will help keep you focused.

Meet Multitasking 2.0 –

Double the amount of work you can do at one time by creating a second display with  

The typical American household has five smart devices, so odds are you are one of them. Switching between devices can be a pain, but with Mountie, you can put two devices at eye level, and experience continuity. Mountie comes with five swappable grips to secure your smart device to most modern laptops. Just clip it to your laptop screen and go hands-free in seconds. Whether you need to complete a ton of work on the go or at home, with you can multi-task like a pro.

Cool Productivity –

Get more done on the go with . Its eco-friendly made-from-bamboo design absorbs the heat from your laptop, keeping you cool where it matters most. This smart workspace also has a display dock for your tablet or smartphone and includes a right-handed mouse pad for those who prefer to use a mouse.

World Adapter –

When working with electronic devices, maintaining a reasonable charge is crucial. You could be screwed if you need a charge but you aren’t close to enough wall outlets or don’t have the right adapter.

Next time you’re on a critical mission to charge your device for your upcoming meeting or presentation, you can be prepared with . This powerful accessory can charge some USB devices twice as fast as their included chargers. It can power three Apple devices at once through its USB ports and AC outlet. Just twist and select the right power socket — no matter where you are.

Imagine having every note you write on paper seamlessly converted into a digital format for viewing on all your devices. With the smartpen you can do just that. The Neo Notes app connects to the smartpen through Bluetooth. It then digitizes and duplicates everything written or drawn on and stores it all in the cloud. 

In addition, you can take voice recordings as you write and the pen will sync them to your notes. The has a 125-day standby battery life and 6 hours of combined writing time, so it’s there whenever you need to jot down that to-do list. 

Intelligent Comfort –

More people than ever are working from home, meaning more time in the bed and on the sofa. If you use a tablet, holding it up to watch, read, or type can create neck, arm, and hand strain.

by Nbryte is changing the game by transforming your tablet experience in the places you use your tablet the most. Its universal design works with virtually all smart reading devices. The viewing position on the is adjustable, so whether you’re sitting up at your desk and want your tablet at eye level or laying flat in your bed, you can make the gadget work for you.

Reduce Eyestrain –  

Since most of us spend an increasing amount of time in front of digital screens, computer glasses want to reduce the amount of eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches we feel from continuous blue light exposure. The glasses work by filtering the amount of blue light emitted directly to your eyes by electronics. 

Aside from irritated eyes, found that blue light exposure just before bed can increase your likelihood of not getting enough sleep. Fatigue obviously can directly affect your work performance. Perhaps using will help. 

If you’re feeling stressed out about work, the wants to help. The momentum of the spin creates an enjoyable sensory experience that is said to help with concentration. It has a total of eight fidget points so you have plenty to keep you focused through long meetings. The top of the pen spins as fast or as slow as you’d like, and it comes with a replaceable universal ink cartridge so you can satisfy your fidgeting needs again, and again, and again.