Review – Celeste (PC) | WayTooManyGames

chris23515m ago

when i look at these blog headlines where they have to advertize their site i am always confused. i read “review title x . way too many games”… this means to me: please, not another one of a superfluous game. and then when i take a look at the rating and it’s like almost a perfect 10 i am moving on, not clicking. i mean, seriously. your blogging site has got no place in a headline. the best one is “do you even game bro”. for the longest time i though the blogger was a 12 year old kid who got no clue. until one day i finally clicked such an article and it was the frigging name of the blogger site “facepalm*. so yeah, i’m not clicking on blog headlines where they need to put their site name into it.