Rimac Concept Two headed to Geneva motor show


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Rimac’s next all-electric hypercar will be on its way to the Geneva motor show next month. We know the Concept Two (working title) will be bigger than the 1,224-hp One, but it will still be a two-seater.

Sources tell Autocar that the new Rimac will get a 120-kWh battery and feature level 4 autonomy. That means it will completely drive itself under certain circumstances, but the driver will still need to be in the main seat. The same sources also said that the new Rimac’s target changed when Tesla announced its new Roadster.

Otherwise, Rimac COO Monika Mikac said last year that the next car will be a “a true game changer” and will have more performance than the 1,224-hp, 1,180-lb-ft One, which can get from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds. Only 8 Concept Ones were built, but the upcoming car will have a production run of 100, Mikac told Autocar. It will also have more range and be more expensive than the 1 million pound Concept One.

We have a lot to look forward to at this year’s Geneva show. In addition to the new Rimac, we’ll see a new version of the Toyota Supra, Mercedes-Benz C300, BMW X4, the new Maybach and the new Pininfarina HK GT. Stay tuned: Press days are March 6-7.