Samsung Pay’s rewards program just got a lot less awesome

Along with supporting older MST terminals, another area where Samsung Pay has an advantage over Android Pay (well, now Google Pay) is with its rewards program. Samsung Pay gives its users points they can redeem for gift cards, raffles, and more as they continually use the app, but in an unexpected move, Samsung’s making this rewards system not nearly as fun.

According to multiple users, Samsung Pay is taking the points you earn with its multiple tiers and cutting them in half. Because of this, the rewards system now looks like the following:

  • Member users earn 5 points per purchase instead of 10
  • Silver users earn 10 points per purchase instead of 20
  • Gold users earn 15 points per purchase instead of 30
  • Platinum users earn 20 points per purchase instead of 40

This move wouldn’t be so crummy if Samsung adjusted the cost for prizes to go along with the reduction in points that are earned, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. In other words, you’ll now have to make twice as many purchases as you used to in order to accumulate enough points for the things you love. Yay ?.

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