June 18, 2019

New alarm toggle shows upcoming alarms and lets you quickly set new ones

The more we toss and turn this Android P developer preview, the more we discover new things we missed from the first go. Take this Alarm quick setting toggle for example. We hadn’t spotted it at all until tipster Jordi brought it to our attention. And just like the Night Mode quick setting, it has a bit more info below it.

The new Alarm quick setting toggle exists in two states: off and on. Off is when there’s no upcoming scheduled alarm, and in that case tapping it does nothing. But tapping and holding immediately brings up the screen to set up a new alarm.

On is when there’s already an upcoming alarm, and that’s where you see the time it’s supposed to ring. In this case, tapping it opens the Alarm screen so you can modify it, whereas tapping and holding still opens up the new alarm menu.

Many third-party quick setting apps already let you add an alarm toggle, but having the option built-in makes it accessible to everyone. Plus it’s so handy.

  • Thanks:
  • Jordi Gordillo Ramos