Sega CEO Talks New Sakura Wars, Shenmue I & II, Commitment to Quality, Sega’s Future and More

-Foxtrot13h ago

Yet Sonic Forces didn’t seem to learn a damn thing from the past failures…they just tried to take Sonic Generations and pump steroids into it thinking they’d have another win from it but it blew up in their face.

I mean who the hell asked for character creation? Most of us are sick to death of new characters to begin with and this game shoves in as many as they could.

Sonic becomes a werewolf, Sonic gets a magic sword, Sonic gets some alien friends, Sonic gets the Flame of Judgment…so on. Meanwhile fans “Urm…think we could get Sonic Adventure 3 please?”

Sonic Mania was only decent because it felt it was a fan made love fest that didn’t have much involvement from SEGA themselves.

In the end if they were so committed they’d have learnt from their past mistakes but they didn’t