Ys Origin Review | TheXboxHub

Paul writes: “The Ys (pronounced “eese” as in geese) series of games have a long and storied history, stretching right the way back to 1987, when the first game was released on that well known gaming platform, the NEC PC-8801. Through the years, the series of games have appeared on almost every platform imaginable, from the Master System and NES, through Playstation now onto current gen hardware. This particular game, Ys Origin, is, as the name suggests, a prequel to the previous eight Ys titles, taking place 700 years before the first game. It has been kicking around since it was released on Windows way back in 2006, and now DotEmu have chosen to release it to the Xbox One world. So, has the time been kind to the world of Ys, or should it have stayed in the past?”