Battlefield V Xbox One Exclusive Content Could Be on Its Way

ImGumbyDammit1d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

As long as the content is not major, e.g. pretty gun that has no special purpose or function that can’t be replicated with other items, a map that has a couple of months of exclusivity are all fine with me (not my favorite move but, it is a level I personally believe is acceptable in a marketing agreement.) But, if thi (actually exclusive agreement) is anything like that relationship Sony has with Destiny where they actually hold back game features for a year or more (it was like 18 months) – not just maps or little doodads for weapons but actual gameplay features and content that was not released. For a game that is actually released on different consoles at the same time then no that type of agreement would be as BS move just like Sony and Destiny’s deal was a total BS move.