Kratos Shows Sense of Humor With ‘God of War’ Update’s Photo Mode

We’ve already seen the end of Kratos and Atreus’ journey in the excellent new God of War, but a recent update has just what we needed to jump back in. With the new photo mode, you can force the Spartan to finally smile for once.

All you need to do is launch God of War and make sure the game is updated to version 1.2 to enable photo mode. Along with the new feature, the update also increases the size of text across the user interface and allows you to remap the button for Kratos’ rage mode.

Photo mode can be activated either through the options menu or — with a toggle — by using the touchpad on your controller. Once it’s activated, you can use the thumb sticks and R2 and L2 buttons to move the camera around the scene and pan up or down. There are tabs that will allow you to adjust the aperture, camera filters and borders, visibility of characters, and most importantly, the facial expressions on both Kratos and Atreus.

“With player choice being such a central theme to many of the decisions we made on God of War, we sought to deliver a photo mode with lots of options, and we’re excited to put it in your hands,” said Sony Santa Monica engineering lead Jeet Shroff in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Along with the update to the game, Sony has also released a new God of War sticker set for iOS devices. The set contains some spoiler-related stickers, but it also plays heavily into the memes spawned from the game, such as Kratos only calling his son “boy.” Of course, it also includes numerous stickers of Kratos looking gruff, so you can let your friends know that you are not to be messed with.

God of War is one of the most visually striking games available on the PlayStation 4, and it’s absolutely stunning both in 1080p and in 4K. Due to some framerate issues, we suggest playing the game in 1080p regardless of your display, but it might be worth changing the setting if you plan on taking screenshots.