Pokemon Switch Still Isn’t Giving Fans What They Really Want

-Foxtrot1h ago

” everyone was expecting the core pokemon game to be out this year”

It’s a shame considering they did give off the impression last year when they announced a Pokemon Switch game that it was going to come in 2018…you know when people claimed Nintendo won E3 over a black screen with the Pokemon logo on it because it “was finally a Pokemon console game”. In the end when we are finally expecting to see more of that game they teased we end up getting a Pokemon Yellow remake infused with Pokemon Go. Not what we wanted.

The fact this has happened with Pokemon I’m not holding out for Metroid 4 to be released this year considering that was another game revealed with nothing but a logo on a black screen. If they had nothing to show us last E3 then I can’t see it being released this year…might be wrong, hopefully I’m wrong but it makes you think.