See What Happens When a Ford Mustang Meets Hot Lava

This doesn’t end well

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After Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted on Thursday, lava has destroyed many homes and around 1,700 residents have been asked to evacuate in the Leilani Estates area. A new video gives us a glimpse at the destruction and the fate of one unlucky Ford Mustang.

Posted on Facebook by WXChasing, this video shows the lava’s unrelenting march toward a “New Edge”-generation Ford Mustang parked on the side of the road. You can probably guess how it ends, given that we have yet to perfect the lava-proof car. It’s unclear how the Mustang ended up in this lonely spot, but we’re glad the owner was away from the scene as it unfolded.

No deaths or injuries were immediately reported, according to CBS DFW. But officials have warned residents about dangerous sulfur dioxide that has been released into the air because of the eruption. Cracks that have formed in the volcano’s East Rift Zone have only made things worse. The area has suffered frequent earthquakes, including a 6.9 magnitude quake that occurred on Friday.

Skip to the two-minute mark to see what happens to this poor Mustang.

Source: WXChasing via Facebook, CBS DFW, CNN