Another lift from fresh crossovers

Aided by new and redesigned crossovers, U.S. sales at the Volkswagen brand have climbed each month year over year through May in 2018. Photo credit: DAVID PHILLIPS

The Volkswagen brand’s U.S. sales rose 4 percent in May to 31,211, powered by new and redesigned crossovers. Audi deliveries inched 0.6 percent higher in May to 19,315, fueled by sales of the A4 sedan and Q5 crossover, extending the luxury brand’s streak of year-over-year sales gains to 103 months.

Brands: VW up 4%, Audi up 0.6%

Notable nameplates: Audi A4 up 4.3%, Audi Q5 up 0.2%, Audi A5 up 15%, Audi Q7 up 5.5%, VW Passat down 13%, VW Golf family down 44%, VW Jetta down 41%, VW Atlas up 144% (3,923 vs 1,610)

Incentives (including Porsche): $3,650 per vehicle, up 6.3% from a year earlier, according to ALG.

Average transaction price (including Porsche): $35,663, up 2.9% from a year earlier, ALG says.

Quote: “Volkswagen has spent the past three years rebuilding its model line, with a focus on more U.S. market-friendly SUVs, along with effective updates to its traditional car lines. The effort is clearly paying off, with ongoing sales growth through the first five months of 2018. This is a brand on the rebound, and all signs point toward continued success,” said Karl Brauer, executive publisher for Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book.

Did you know? Crossover sales accounted for nearly half of the total volume for the Volkswagen brand year to date, a significant rise over 14 percent as of May 2017.