As Sexual Content on Steam Is Threatened, Developers Look Elsewhere

WeebLord40m ago(Edited 39m ago)

The reaction likely has everything to do with getting the Steam link app on iOS. This Crackdown on lewd games basically goes hand in hand with their submission to the iOS app store.

Yes, we as adults do have the ability to purchase and enjoy adult content if we choose to. The thing is you use a word like “rights” and well Steam, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo also have the RIGHT to declare that they do not want AO titles on their platform.

So hopefully that sheds some light on things, or you can keep throwing out words like feminist, SJW, moralist and other unrelated terms to the topic. Like, there’s a reason the porn was always behind saloon doors. Think about it for a second instead of having a tantrum that someone took your hentai away.