August 4, 2021

Back in DP3] Android P shows current weather conditions on the lock screen and in ambient mode

Remember when you could add whatever widgets you wanted to the Android lock screen? Unfortunately, those days are long gone, but Android P is bringing a subset of that functionality back. If you liked using weather widgets on your lock screen, you’ll be happy to know that Android P now displays the weather underneath the clock.

There’s not much else to say about this feature – you get the temperature and a tiny icon. The weather also now shows up when the phone goes into ambient mode. It’s worth noting that some users aren’t seeing this, possibly as a result of ‘dirty flashing’ the Developer Preview instead of wiping.

The little weather icon is back in DP3, and it should be here to stay. Like the upcoming events feature, it was initially broken because an update to the Google app didn’t support it, but there isn’t a Google app update pending. We’re not expecting it to disappear.