E3 2018: Transference’s New Trailer Locks You Into A Spooky Reality

Ubisoft released a tense trailer for Transference at E3 2018, an upcoming psychological thriller. A collaboration between Ubisoft Montreal and SpectreVision, Transference forces players into a chilling tale of a boy caught in his father’s destructive obsession.

The new trailer showcases how Transference merges both movie and video game to create an unsettling effect. As players explore the maze-like puzzles of a deranged mind, they’ll also be navigating a multi-branching narrative, played out by real actors. Both segments of Transference, the game and the movie, play with the truth. Items glitch in and out as the player explores, and the snippets of family drama reveal a troubled history of lies and dangerous fixation.

Based on the trailer, it seems like the game is meant to be played in VR. Within the trailer, the boy’s father apologies for the cumbersome headset he’s forcing his son to wear. The game most likely includes many scenes like this to play with gamers’ growing discomfort, similarly to oddly chilling Superhot.

The trailer ends with a promise that Transference is scheduled to release in Fall 2018. The game will be available for both Xbox One and PS4, and also release in VR on Oculus, Vive, and PlayStation VR.

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