EVE: War of Ascension officially launches on Android

  • EVE: War of Ascension, a mobile spinoff game from the hit PC MMO title EVE Online, has officially launched.
  • The new free-to-play game lets players assemble space fleets and compete against hundreds of players online at once.
  • CCP Games also announced yet another EVE Online mobile game that’s coming in 2019.

Fans of the long running space-based MMO EVE Online now have a free-to-play mobile spinoff to check out. EVE: War of Ascension, which was first announced in October 2017 under the codename Project Aurora, has now officially launched and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Co-developed by PlayRaven and published by Kongregate, EVE: War of Ascension has many of the same gameplay features at EVE Online. You still can build massive fleets and battle for prized space regions against hundreds of other online opponents at once. You can also form corporations with other players and team up with them to conquer or steal resources from enemy groups. You can also construct your own space station.

EVE: War of Ascension’s graphics are highly simplified compared to the main EVE Online game for the PC. However, if you want to wait a year or so, you might be able to get a mobile game that looks and plays more like its PC counterpart. In a surprise post on its Twitter page this week, EVE Online’s developer CCP Games announced what it called “Project Galaxy” in collaboration with China-based NetEase. The announcement stated it will offer mobile gamers  “the authentic EVE Online experience” sometime in 2019.

While the game will be released first for iOS, CCP Games did confirm “Project Galaxy” will launch for Android afterwards in a follow-up post. More info on the game itself will be revealed later.