Every PlayStation 4 game announced at E3

Put on your party hats and slip on your hype shoes because it’s time for E3 2018. If you’re a passionate gamer, then this very well could be one of your favorite times of the year. This is when we get to find out what we’re going to get excited about and just how long we are going to have to maintain that excitement.

If you want to know about all the Switch titles that were talked about at E3 2018, then you found the place to be. As E3 progresses we will make sure to keep you in the loop right here, so check back!

Kicking off E3 2018 was the occasionally divisive gaming powerhouse EA. From the tentpole sports titles to a whole host of other blockbusters, EA had a lot to say this year.


There’s a whole lot to be excited about in the world of gaming in the coming year. Be sure to keep an eye on this space. We will be updating with all the titles announced at E3!

What games are you excited about?

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