August 3, 2021

Google Express adds 4 new stores, including Epic Sports and Murad

Google Express has just added four retailers, upping the total number of stores it ships items from to 69. That number doesn’t change often; most recently, Staples was dropped, and three big retailers –, Walmart, and Target – were added. Those four new stores are Epic Sports, Murad, Nothing Like This, and RWGC.

As you might be able to infer from its name, Epic Sports sells sports-related things, such as balls and apparel. Murad is a skincare company that sells all sorts of fancy skincare products. Nothing Like This only offers three products, two of which are wall mounts for the Home Mini (the other is a wall mount for the Amazon Echo Dot). Lastly, RWGC appears to be some sort of one-stop-shop, with everything from $8.77 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to $3,000+ playground sets.

All four stores are now live and offering their wares online, so shop away. Personally, I’d go for the $3,000 wooden playground set that RWGC offers. Just look at how many slides there are.