How Battlefield V Battle Royale Could Blow Away The Competition


I for one am not tired of it!? I literally have played PUBG, the 1st BR game I have ever played, I tried Fortnite but was not my cup of tea but is a solid game. I would LOVE to see more BR games coming from the console side and I think DICE are the perfect studio to do it justice given their experience and reputation in large scale, large player count FPS.

As someone who is into PUBG at the moment as well as a BF Veteran since BF2, If DICE literally made 3 large maps, took all assets from BF4 and made a PUBG style BR game, it would destroy PUBG within 6 months. Having said that, I think the WWII era will set it apart so it won’t be a direct competition. I mean, you have COD Black Out, but I have yet to understand how long range combat will work with COD shooting mechanics and random bullet spread? Guess we will see soon enough!