August 4, 2021

Nest permanently drops Nest Secure price to $399 ($100 off) and Nest Detect to $49 ($10 off)

The Nest Secure is a smart security system that’s super-easy to set up. However, it was also really expensive at launch. Today, Nest has knocked 20% off the price of the full Secure system, and this is a permanent price drop. If you want extra Detect sensors, those are a little cheaper, too.

The Nest Secure bundle used to cost $499, but now it’s just $399 at all major retailers like Nest, Best Buy, and B&H. The kit still includes the Guard keypad/hub, two Nest Detect sensors, and two Nest Tag NFC fobs. That’s everything you need to get Secure up and running, but you probably have more than two windows and doors.

Those extra sensors will all be the same Nest Detect—that’s all Secure supports. They have motion sensing hardware, but that doesn’t work if mounted on a window. That made the $59 price of each sensor a bit hard to swallow. Now, it’s down to $49. That’s still spendy, but every little bit helps when you want to equip all your windows with sensors.