The Last of Us: Part 2 is a tale of revenge – but it might not be for Joel

ArchangelMike12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

My first theory is that it has to do with Ellie’s mother – Anna. To over simplify it, Ellie finds out that Anna got killed by the cult and so she’s out for revenge.

Second Theory is the most obvious one, that the Jackson community gets wiped out -including Dina and Jesse etc, and Ellie is out for blood.

Honestly I think the second theory is just too simplistic for Naughty Dog to stick with, and if I’m honest that woman in the first trailer might not be Ellie’s mom at all, she might be Ellie’s sister!!!

Remember the poster from Uncharted that read “The Last of Us American Daughters” – plural…

I think Ellie has a sister.