This Father’s Day gift guide will help you find out what kind of dad you have

Objectively, there are only seven types of dad. This is a fact. Do not dispute it. You may think, “Hey, my dad’s unique and there’s no one else like him,” but I’m sorry to say that you’re both naive and deeply, deeply mistaken.

There are only seven types of dad and they’re all listed below. No matter your first impressions, this is a ‘good thing’.

With Father’s Day rolling round this Sunday (17th June), the fact there are only seven types of dad will make it easier to buy him a gift. Not only that, we’ve done all the hard work for you and selected the items that best suit your Da’.

So, come, sit on my lap and let me tell you the tale of the dads.

The Laddy Dad (AKA Jack-the-Dad, AKA Daddy Dyer)