Donut County Will Swallow Up Your Time Next Month

The indie physics puzzle game Donut County is coming on August 28, across PC, PS4, and iOS, IGN reports. It will cost $13 on each, but you can save a few bucks on PS4 where a pre-order will be available for $10.49. That will net you a free PS4 dynamic theme as well.

The wacky concept was brainstormed by Ben Esposito of The Unfinished Swan and What Remains of Edith Finch. The tone of it is very different than those serene indie puzzlers, and the idea originates from a game jam parodying game designer Peter Molyneux. The game works like Katamari Damacy in reverse, as a hole grows upon swallowing up items around the world.

Donut County has already won accolades: the 2015 Independent Games Festival finalist in the Excellence in Visual Art category and an honorable mention for the Seumas McNally prize. GameSpot also named it a hidden gem and a game to watch from PAX East 2018.

If you’re looking for other indie games on the cheap to fill the gap until late August, check out the Humble Indie Mega Week sale. It’s offering a load of cheap games, including fellow indie puzzler The Witness.