PS4 And Xbox One Game Deals This Week At GameStop In The US

Each and every Wednesday, GameStop puts out a new ad that highlights all of the deals and discounts available at the gaming retailer that week. This week’s ad is up, so let’s dig in to find all the best PS4 and Xbox One deals of the week (Nintendo Switch is left out of this week’s discounts, unfortunately). These discounts go away on August 28, so don’t wait too long if anything looks appealing.

If your Xbox Live Gold subscription is running out (or even if it’s not), you can pick up three months of the service for $25 and get an additional three months for free. In the market for an Xbox One X? You’ll get extra trade-in credit if you put a current-gen console toward Microsoft’s powerful console. And you’ll get half off any pre-owned game under $10 between now and August 26.

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With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 creeping ever closer to release (it launches October 12), it’s about time last year’s installment came down in price. This week you can pick up Call of Duty: WWII for $40 at GameStop. For a more colorful shooter, you can buy Overwatch: Legendary Edition for $30; it comes with five Epic and five Legendary skins. Overwatch collectibles are on sale for 20% off this week, and clearance T-shirts are 75% off.

Speaking of shooters, if you pre-order Battlefield V, you’ll get early access to the open beta. The beta is available for everyone on September 6, but anyone who pre-orders can download it September 3 and start playing September 4.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has been on sale a lot recently, but not for this low of a price. You can pick up this romp through Tolkien’s fantasy world for just $10. Sports (and sports entertainment) fans who missed out on NBA 2K18 or WWE 2K18 can pick them up for $30 each. And the cross-country racing game The Crew 2 is down to $40.

For more GameStop deals, check out the full ad.