Tesla Wireless Charger prematurely revealed on Tesla website


  • Tesla has prematurely published a listing for the Tesla Wireless Charger on its website.
  • The power bank offers wireless charging capabilities and 6,000mAh capacity.
  • You can buy cheaper power banks with wireless charging on Amazon, however.

Tesla has previously toyed with rather pricey power banks before, such as November’s $45 PowerBank. Now, the company has decided to up the ante with the $65 Tesla Wireless Charger.

The electric car manufacturer briefly posted the product on its website (h/t: Apple Insider), before deciding to pull it. However, a cached version of the website reveals all the details, starting with the 6,000mAh capacity. This should be good for just under two charges if you’ve got a phone with a 3,000mAh battery.


The new charger has a few more tricks up its sleeve, such as Qi wireless charging support. The wireless charging tops out at 5W, which isn’t quite as fast as Samsung’s wireless charging pad (up to 9W) and other solutions on the market. But unlike Samsung’s charger, this one is portable, so there’s that.

Then there’s the integrated USB Type-C cable for wired charging, albeit at 5V/1.5A compared to 5V/2A on many bundled phone chargers nowadays. The Tesla Wireless Charger also has a full-sized USB port so you can charge it, as you’d expect from power banks these days.

It’s certainly a slick design then, but is it worth $65? A quick search on Amazon reveals a few power banks with wireless charging — for roughly $30 in many cases. And quite a few of these power banks offer 10,000mAh or higher capacity, giving you more charging for your buck. In other words, it seems like you’re paying for the design and Tesla name more than anything else.

What do you think of the Tesla Wireless Charger? Would you prefer to buy this over lesser-known brands? Let us know in the comments below! The charger isn’t available to purchase at the time of publication, but you can visit the Tesla Store via the button below anyway.