We reviewed a notebook that can charge your phone for some reason?

I’m a sucker for stationary, seriously. My house is filled with unused notepads, my bag teems with pens, and, much to the annoyance of everyone around me, I slow down whenever I walk past a pretty-looking office supply store. This, friends, was why I was excited to test the Tesmo Universe Book.

Okay, nerd. I’ll bite. What is it?

It’s a notebook that – and wrap your noggin around this – also functions as a power bank. For some reason.

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It has a range of cables (a micro-USB, Apple lightning, and an adaptor for USB-C) and also features wireless charging for Qi capable devices, such as the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8. The battery in the Tesmo Universe Book is 8,000 mAh, meaning it should charge an average phone around three times.

And, as I know you’re very, very interested, the cables in the back look like this: