December 12, 2019

Last day to enter] We’re giving away 20 CHOETECH car mounts with fast wireless charging (a $29.99 value) plus a $17 discount for everyone else [US]

If you don’t have a phone mount in your car, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Who needs that 4-figure upgrade package on a new car for in-dash navigation when you can run Google Maps in the same place? And if you already have a car mount, you probably wouldn’t mind charging your phone while it is mounted. With a wireless charging mount, there’s no more fussing with cables every time you want to do that.

20 of our readers are going to get a top-notch car mount with wireless charging thanks to our friends at CHOETECH. The rest of you will get an over 50% discount at Amazon.

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The CHOETECH wireless charging car mount can suction onto your dash or windshield, depending on your preference. The retracting arms can grip phones of nearly any size and the mount can rotate to allow you to choose between portrait or landscape orientations (or if you’re crazy, something in between).

You can also charge any phone that supports Qi wireless charging while it rests in the mount. 7.5W fast charging is available for supported devices as well; otherwise, the already-decent 5W standard is used.

To learn more, check it out at Amazon, where the retail price is $29.99. That being said, AP readers can get a significant discount. Using the code APCHO521 at checkout, you will get a $17 price cut for a final cost of just $12.99. If you’re not patient enough for a giveaway — or you don’t end up winning — this is a pretty great consolation.

To enter, use the widget below. You must have a US mailing address to claim your prize. Entries are closed at 11:59pm Pacific time on Friday, September 28th. Be sure to stop by every day to claim your free daily entry.

CHOETECH car mount with wireless charging giveaway