The Bluenero is a smart aquarium that lets you spy on your fish

Ever had some pet fish? Did you enjoy watching them swim around? Was it calming? Therapeutic? Lovely. But – and I have to ask you this – did you ever wonder what those endlessly moist creatures were up to when you were out of the room? Smoking? Drinking? Having Finding Nemo-style adventures, maybe? Well, wonder no more, because the Bluenero is here.

What on earth is that?

It’s a smart fish tank and, according to the company, it’s the first one of its kind “on the market at this moment.”

And that’s… true?

Kinda. There are a lot of smart fish tank tools out there – like the Fishbit. the Seneye, or the Moai – but these are components that you place in your own aquarium, rather an all-in-one set-up, like the Bluenero.

This approach has been tried before though. The Dokdo tank ran a funding campaign, but didn’t raise enough cold hard cash to go to market. Another thing that kinda refutes this claim is that the Bluenero’s not actually on the market yet – it’s raising funds on Indiegogo.

So, to answer your question: sort of, but not really.

What does the Bluenero do then?

On the surface, it looks simple. It’s some clear plastic edged by aluminium: