Ghostbusters World pre-registration is now open for Android users

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  • Ghostbusters World is now open for pre-registration on the Google Play Store.
  • The Ghostbusters World AR game will essentially be Pokémon Go, but set in the Ghostbusters universe.
  • Pre-registration will notify you on your phone as soon as Ghostbusters World is released.

New York City is in danger! There’s a giant marshmallow man wreaking havoc, ghosts are walking out of paintings to steal babies, and a green slimeball is eating hot dogs from a cart…without even paying! The horror!

The only solution is for you to strap on your Proton Pack and deal with this anarchy. It’s like cats and dogs living together out there — mass hysteria!

To join the fight against the hordes of ghosts, poltergeists, the risen Titanic, and your beautiful girlfriend who has turned into a dog, you’ll need to pre-register for Ghostbusters World, the new augmented reality game. The officially licensed title is essentially a Pokémon Go clone, but better because you can pretend to be as witty and sarcastic as Pete Venkman as you suck up ghosts and put them in a sure-to-never-fail containment unit.

When you pre-register for Ghostbusters World over at the Google Play Store, you’ll receive a notification on your Android smartphone as soon as it goes live. That’s good news because we just found some pink slime oozing out of our bathtub and it tried to eat an infant, so the sooner you get out there the better, you know?

Keep in mind, this is way different than that time you tried to drill a hole into your head — this is serious ghost bustin’ that needs to get done, and there’s no one else out there who can do it. I mean, I guess there’s that Louis Tully guy, but I don’t know…he seems a little too neurotic for this job.

We’re ready to believe you! Just don’t cross the streams out there. That never works (except for that one time).