The Dark Souls Of Needs To Stop

paintedgamer19845m ago(Edited 0m ago)

I think the author meant… The saying, “this is the Dark Souls of” needs to stop.

Regardless, no it doesnt. Demons Souls and the First Dark Souls etched an amazing experience and pretty much refined the genre and made the best representation of itself through an amazing evolution of games before it. Just like people state, “this game is the Metroidvania of” catergory. Because Super Metroid did it so well and was so far ahead of anything else of the like during that era, it deserves that title. The same applies to Demons Souls and Dark Souls. Its not just the foundation that makes FromSoft games so damn amazing, its the superb character models and attention to detail/dark grittyness, its the deep engaging lore, its all the different movesets, its the well crafted spin on online mp/pvp, its all the different classes/enemy types/and bosses that all fight differently and all have different weaknesses, its the music and sound effects that draw you in, its the maze like connectors and shortcuts, its the way each and every place is different from one and other, its the secrets and easter eggs/fan service that most games dont even bother with anymore, and its the difficulty thats only difficult or hard at first and then becomes rewarding after you “get gud”. I dont even understand who this article is for because for the diehard and casual gamers alike that love these games, will grossly dissagree with this article. To the author, if you cant see these games for how amazing they are, you would be better off stating, “these arent my types of games or they are too hard” than saying something that equates to them not deserving the amount of praise they undoubtedly deserve.