Grab This Free Steam PC Game Before It Goes Back To Full Price

If you have a gaming PC, you might want to pop open Steam right now. That’s because you can pick up Distraint: Deluxe Edition for free. The offer is only available for a limited time, so don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out–though once you add it to your account it’s yours to keep forever. The developer is giving it away to build enthusiasm for Distraint 2, which launches November 13.

Billed as a “psychological horror adventure,” Distraint puts you in the shoes of a man named Price, whose job it is to evict people from their homes. He’s not a bad guy, though, and his actions weigh on his conscience, resulting in some mildly horrific visions. The gameplay involves solving puzzles to progress through the story.

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Distraint wasn’t widely reviewed when it launched toward the end of 2015, but it holds a “generally favorable” score of 76 out of 100 on our sister site Metacritic. Steam users have reviewed the game highly, giving it a “very positive” rating.

Developer Jesse Makkonen says Distraint 2 will pick up where the first game left off. According to the Steam description, “It’s a sinister tale about restoring hope and finding your purpose.” If you’re interested in trying out the first game, you can grab it here.