Did The Xbox One Really Have Zero Positively Reviewed Exclusives In 2018?

Razzer2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

“Forza Horizon 4 is an Xbox One exclusive. Just because Microsoft made the right call with Play Anywhere and released the game on PC and Xbox One doesn’t mean we should disqualify it. This just makes the Xbox One look worse, casting shade at the console for no good reason and punishing Microsoft for one of its more consumer friendly decisions.”

No, it is not an Xbox One Exclusive. It is an Xbox One console exclusive. It is exclusive to Microsoft platforms (Xbox One and Windows 10). But it is not Xbox One exclusive. I might as well claim it is Windows 10 exclusive (since that’s where I play it) if we are going to say it is Xbox One exclusive. Factually incorrect either way.

So should we redefine what the word “exclusive” means because a company made a “consumer friendly decision”? lol….nope. Fact that Windows 10 is Microsoft gaming platform as well. How is it “punishing Microsoft” by acknowledging the Windows 10 version of a game exists? It is still a game in the Microsoft ecosystem. That does not change. Microsoft gaming is bigger than Xbox One consoles and the author just needs to come to grips with that.