Does Bungie Being “Free” of Activision Mean A Better Future for Destiny?

masterfox1d 5h ago

I hope so, still not sure how much Activision had its teeth sink in to Bungie when creating / developing the game, I mean really not think is Activisions fault that the game turned into a freaking huge boring grind fest all the time, right now Bungie Destiny 2 suffers from the old stuff and with new annoying things:

* Story is pathetic dumb, yeah kill the best character in the whole damn game?, good job Bungie
* Grind fest is worthless, the end rewards are mostly so useless
* Returning old Weapons from Destiny 1 year one as new ?, dumb as hell, this isn’t supposed to be a new game ?
* No new guardian classes, heck in Destiny 2 you need to reactivate your old specials from Destiny 1.
* They added a bow?, really a bow?
* Raids still no damn matchmaking
* All raids and rewards in D2 are so damn bad, they don’t come close to the ones in D1 like the Vault of Glass
* New weapons designs and armors designs are horrid! and useless, D1 were like years ahead in comparison of D2
* Sparrow and Ships absolutely almost nothing new added since Destiny 1
* Damn same recycle enemies over and over again, new types of enemies are almost none existent in D2.
* oh and the main villians are cabals from D1 ?, and also they added a cute hamster faces design to all cabal , good job Bungie.

There are so many more things wrong with D2 but I will ended with those few things, really not sure how Activision had to do with all that but lets see what Bungie can do by their own 100%.