The Games That Are Probably Not Coming Out in 2019

ArchangelMike1h ago

I actually think TLOU2 will release this year (maybe I just desperatly hope that it does), maybe I’m pinning too much on the alleged “leak” from the soundtrack… I think it will be in that Sept-Nov window. (Although it’d be great if it came out on Outbreak day i.e Sep[tenber 26th 🙂

I don’t think Death Stranding will release this year; I’m not even sure that I’d want it to if it has to be rushed out the door, it only really started develpoment in 2016 afaik. I think Kojima is aiming for 2020, but I don’t think even he can commit to that. Final Fantasy VII probably won’t release until next gen consoles are out (circa 2020), same goes for Cyberpunk 2027.

Games like Elder Scrolls 6, and even Star Citizen shouldn’t really even be on a release date lists yet. I don’t even think Star Citizen will ever have a “Full Game” release. It’ll foreve be alpha 3.3’s and beta 4.2’s that get released, but I don’t think you’ll really see one final completed game package that’ll be shipped.