What’s the best place to buy a Samsung Gear VR controller?

Best answer: The official Samsung website sells Gear VR controllers for the same price that Amazon charges for a 2-pack. That easily makes Amazon the best choice for buying a Gear VR controller. Not only are you getting the best prices, but also more product!

Amazon: Samsung Gear VR controller 2-pack ($30)

Comparing prices and deals

A singular Samsung Gear VR controller sells for $30 at the Samsung store and $40 at Best Buy. All three of the options come with free shipping, but only Amazon is offering deals for buying in bundles. For the same price that the Samsung store charges for one you can instead get two Gear VR controllers at Amazon. One for now and a backup for later!

How Amazon and Amazon Prime benefit you

You can also say goodbye to the general anxiety of buying products online. I’m talking about the risk of, “what if it doesn’t work?” or “what if it’s not as advertised?” No matter your plan, you can check out the user reviews at the bottom of the listing page. You can sort through the best and worst reviews to see what people went through who ordered it before you did! Only certified purchases have the ability to leave comments and reviews, only adding to their validity.

You also get additional features when using Amazon. You can save money and get points back using a Prime Credit Card, for example, which earns 5% back at Amazon.com for each purchase you make with it. Samsung also has a rewards program that allows you to redeem points for products on its website, but the Gear VR controller will only earn 1% back.

Then of course there’s free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime. Depending on your city, you can even qualify for same-day shipping.

Great bundle

Samsung Gear VR controller

Lightweight, smooth, and familiar

The Gear VR controller features a touchpad and trigger as well as home, back, and volume buttons. Take advantage of the bundle deal and get two controllers for the price of one!