4 unconventional phones we reviewed in the past 3 months, ranked

We test a lot of phones here at TNW, which is no surprise considering just how many handsets are released every month. Because we’re lovely, we’ve gone and rounded up four of the models we’ve reviewed in the last three months and ranked them. By how unconventional (read: weird or different) they are.

Why? Because why the hell not?

Here we go!

Doogee — and I think they’ll forgive me for saying this — has a propensity for releasing strange phones. Remember the Doogee Mix 2 phone? Y’know, the one which had to be flipped 180 degrees in order to take a selfie?

Well, the Doogee S90 is weirder. Unequivocally.

A few seconds is all you need to bestow the S90 with the ability to use night-vision, thanks to a separate clip-on module. Why you’d want to is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly nice to have.

Another add-on doubles the phone’s already impressive battery life by adding an extra 5,000mAh of juice, while another turns the S90 into a walkie-talkie, complete with massive breadstick antenna and everything. (Give the whole piece a read here)

Price: ~£369 on Amazon