Anthem review: BioWare’s sky-high gaming ambition crashes back to Earth | Ars Technica

Sgt_Slaughter16m ago(Edited 13m ago)

Of the reviews that have scores so far, the highest is a 7.

7, 7, 6.9, 6, and 3/5 stars are the scores as of today. Not looking too good and some of the unscored/in progress reviews are questioning why it has mistakes and problems that other games in the same genre have fixed already.

Not to mention how ridiculous the grinding and difficulty spike is later in the game, which some side quest-style tasks taking hours to complete and you need to complete all 16 of the tasks to unlock further story missions. Along with that, the game has no sense of when to take situations seriously, the comedy is stuck at almost 100% the whole game.

Bioware isn’t the Bioware of old, and Mass Effect: Andromeda/Anthem prove that. EA shareholders are going to “love” the negative press this is getting/going to get, considering how Battlefield V, Battlefront II, and FIFA 19 underperformed in recent months.