August 3, 2021

Best Buy has deals on tons of Chromebooks, including the HP Chromebook X2 for $399 ($200 off)

Chromebooks have matured a lot since they debuted in 2011. The experience is still largely browser-based, but the scope of tasks that can be completed within Chrome has widened considerably since then, not to mention support for Android and Linux apps. If you’ve been considering one, Best Buy has deals on a number of hot ticket units, including the HP Chromebook X2, Lenovo Yoga C630, and even refurbished Pixelbooks.

The retailer stocks 100 different Chromebooks in all, and a bunch of them are on sale right now. The handsome HP Chromebook X2 convertible is $200 off its sticker price at $399; the powerful Lenovo Yoga C630 is $200 off as well, at $499; and refurbished Pixelbooks start at $699.99. If you’re looking for something more budget friendly, you can get a refurbished Acer unit for a hair under $149. There’s also this absolutely tiny Samsung number for the same price.

Whatever your budget is, there’s probably something here for you. If none of the above models are scratching you where you itch, you can check out all of Best Buy’s Chromebook offerings here.