Opera for Android version 50 introduces a more publisher-friendly ad blocker, faster scrolling, and PiP [APK Download]

For its latest big Android update, Opera is including a key new feature that makes it easier to whitelist websites from the in-built ad blocker. Other enhancements include the addition of Picture-in-Picture video and a new fast-scrolling handle.

Ad-blocking on mobile is great, but most of us still come across some sites we would like to support (like Android Police, of course), and that’s where Opera’s new feature comes in handy. As you can see in the below gif, tapping on the little padlock brings up a panel with a quick and easy new “Exclude from ad blocking” toggle.

Another headline new feature is PiP, which allows users to watch videos with Opera while doing other things in other apps. This is supported on Android 8.0 Oreo and above. Opera 50 also sees the debut of a tool for scrolling through pages quicker, in the form of a special handle that pops out when you need it — see below.

As well as the above, Opera 50 also offers a better way to open PDFs, supports dark CSS themes, and includes some new Baltic languages, namely Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian.

We’ve seen a few instances of Opera version 50 already pass through APK Mirror, but the latest is 50.2.2426.136249 — you can download it here if it’s not reached your phone yet. Perhaps they’ve been quietly rolling it out ahead of this official announcement.

Opera Browser: Fast and Secure
Opera Browser: Fast and Secure