Study CompTIA and Cisco topics and target a network security career

Network security is a career goldmine for driven individuals, and certifications are a great way to build your confidence and resume at the outset.

This eight-course bundle touches on practically all of the most important enterprise security topics. Plus, you’ll have a better idea of which particular direction you want to go in by the time you’re finished. Check out the Super-Sized Network Security Mastery Bundle, now only $69 versus the standard $2,719 retail price. 

Learn ethical hacking to beat cyber intruders at their own game.

Across 200 hours of instruction, you’ll learn ethical hacking to beat cyber intruders at their own game, get a handle on enterprise data regulations, and study for certification exams from CompTIA and Cisco. Plus, you’ll learn about the roles of security professional, auditor, and manager to get an idea of your next steps in the field.

If you’re interested in becoming a network security pro, don’t wait. Pick up this bundle and get to it with expert instruction at only $69 for eight courses. 

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