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Although the best PC games with cash to splash are quickly evolving, so are the best indie games you might not have heard of. 

One of the best things about our best indie games list is that most of the titles, unlike AAA game publishers, don’t try to manipulate you out of every penny any chance they can get. Free from corporate influence and constant badgering for your money, the best indie games represent the pure artistic vision of the developers – especially if you have one of the best gaming PCs.

However, just because the best indie games don’t enjoy mainstream success, it doesn’t mean that the games on this list can’t keep up with the latest AAA blockbusters. In fact, the best indie games regularly surpass mainstream games in both quality and scope, which is often due to their less repetitive nature. Unlike their big-budget counterparts, they don’t need to rely on tired tropes and cliches to appeal to a mass market.

This is all exciting stuff, and if you want to dive into the best indie games, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered up all the best indie games on the market today. We’ve included both in vogue indies like Return of the Obra Dinn and Dead Cells, and classic titles like Braid and Dwarf Fortress. Don’t worry, we’re going to keep this list updated with all the latest and greatest indie hits. So, if you’re looking for the next great indie title, keep reading.

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