Best TV 2019: here are the big-screen TVs worth buying this year

Best TV Buying Guide: settle in for TechRadar’s round-up of the best TV sets you can get your hands on in 2019.

Although it’s still early days for 2019, we can already tell that this year will be one of the best for TVs. We caught our first glimpse of this year’s futuristic flatscreens in early January at CES 2019 and walked away impressed with all the new tech Samsung, LG and Sony have cooked up for us later this year.

The first of these new screens, the Samsung Q90, is already available now, and it’s an early contender for TV of the year. While we expect LG to arrive with a vengeance with its lineup of 2019 OLED screens in the next month or two, if you want something right now, Samsung’s the way to go.

If you’ve got your mind made up to buy a Sony, Vizio or LG from last year, however, that’s totally fine. Below you’ll find our list of the best screens out right now, along with their key specs, while the second page will teach you more about what makes a TV tick and why those specs matter so much. 

“Should I buy a TV now or wait it out?”

This is a question we get a lot. Like most technology (cough, iPhones) TVs are getting incrementally better all the time – which means, yes, if you wait a year – or even a few months – there will probably be a bigger, flashier TV out there for less money. 

But while doing so will certainly net you a larger screen at a better price, some of the best panels are already being manufactured today. While tomorrow’s screens might be a bit larger, a bit brighter and a bit cheaper, today’s screens are just as competent in their own right. 

We can say that with confidence knowing that most manufacturers have finally embraced the three most important standards in TVs: Ultra HD, Wide Color Gamut and HDR (HDR10 and Dolby Vision). If a TV you’re looking at doesn’t support at least one of these, you should probably look somewhere else.

Not sure where to start? Here are the best TVs we tested this year.

Editor’s Choice

1. Samsung Q90R QLED TV (2019)

Bright and beautiful but still missing some key components

65-inch: Samsung QN65Q90R | 75-inch: Samsung QN75Q90R