Download Samsung Galaxy Fold wallpapers in full resolution right here

The Galaxy Fold itself may still be a month away but its wallpapers have already arrived. SamMobile recently got its hands on eight wallpapers based on the butterfly image seen in the folding phone’s campaign, and you can download them now.

The images come in 1960 x 1960 (single wing) or 2152 x 2152 (dual-wing) resolution to accommodate the phone’s 1536 x 2152 pixel resolution folding screen. The wallpapers are original, as far as mobile wallpapers are concerned, with lots of negative space you don’t often find in phone backgrounds. You can see how the imagery has been crafted to highlight fold’s unique display, which splits down the middle. They may not be particularly impressive on non-folding devices, though.

Here’s what the Samsung Galaxy Fold wallpapers look like:


If you are a fan, you can download them all below (we’ve included the animated versions too). Or, if you would prefer the Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers instead (I think they’re much better), you can find them via the previous link.

Download Samsung Galaxy Fold wallpapers